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Frequently Asked Questions

What precautions do you take to limit the risk of exposing my groceries to coronavirus?

We make sure to pay attention to everything that we touch in order to limit any transmission vectors. We always sanitize the bag handles as well as our hands and arms. We never make direct skin contact with any products. To further lower the risk of transmitting coronavirus to you and your families, we make sure to wear showercaps. We are committed to making sure that your groceries are as uncontaminated as possible.

Can our orders include alcoholic beverages/products?

At this time, Amherst Food Delivery does not purchase or deliver alcoholic beverages or alcoholic products to its clients.

Can I book groceries from multiple stores, or just one?

At this time, you can only book from one store. Of course, you can always make two separate orders for two different stores, but do note that you will have to pay the booking fee twice.

Which stores can you deliver from?

We do our grocery shopping at any local or major grocery store, as long as they accept contactless payment.

How far do you deliver?

We deliver to anywhere in the Western Massachusetts area. If you reside in an area that is far from other orders, or far from a grocery store there may be delays.

Do you take SNAP or EBT?

At this time we do not accept EBT or SNAP benefits. There may be a time in the future that we change this, so be sure to stay updated with our website and Facebook page.

How does payment work?

First, when you make an order, you pay a booking fee. After we buy your groceries at your designated store on the day that you chose, we will charge the card provided for the cost of your groceries + 20%. 

Do I need to tip the driver?

In order to maintain the safety of our drivers, and by extension our clients, no physical tips are permitted. If you would like to give additional gratuities, they are accepted. Our site has a donation form if you would like to tip.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. However, if there is an urgent and necessary need for deliveries, we are happy to work overtime to make sure you and your family are fed.

Why are you doing this?

The Western Massachusetts community has many people who are vulnerable to Covid-19 such as those with prior immunocompromising illnesses and the elderly who have no safe access to groceries. It is the responsibility of the community to limit transmission as much as possible. Because of this, Amherst Food Delivery was founded by members of the community to satisfy the growing need that the coronavirus has imposed upon us. During these trying times where we all need to take care of one another, Amherst Food Delivery is here for you.

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